~*Voice of the Flower*~


Helllllllooooooooooo all you glorious legendary children, it is I, your friendly neighborhood blogger, Aria! Coming at you late into the evening when I REALLY should be sleeping… but I’m up late because I was playing World of Warcraft.

But tonight was a special run on WoW. Tonight, I got to actually play with someone I’ve never met in real life (also known as Meatspace) but I’ve known of for years. See, there’s a webcomic I read called ‘Selkie’, written by a fellow named Dave, about a young girl named Selkie who gets adopted by a man named Todd Smith. Hilarity and feels follow; I won’t spoil anything for you guys, just go check it out!!!! For your convenience I’ll leave y’all a link at the bottom of this (probably very short considering the time) blog.

Anyway, I’ve been following this comic for years and I was a fairly consistent commentator on the more intense/interesting pages. And I even came out in the comment section of his comic before I came out to a lot of people in Meatspace, just to sort of test the waters. A few people were… predictably buttheads about gender identity. But Dave? He was super awesome about it! Well recently he has featured a character that is wearing a sweater that says ‘Zappyboi for Warchief’. (For my fellow Hordie’s out there, you understand… and should agree that Zappyboi would be WAY better than the banshee bitch.)


I made a comment about who I main (Enhance Orc Shaman), and on what server of Wow… and it turns out that Dave uses the same server as his stomping ground!!! So I took a chance and told him my toon’s name and said it would be cool to at least say hi to him. Blowing my mind out of the water, he added me to his friend’s list and said I could do the same! And tonight, we went on a Timewalk together with my roomies, before he had to log for the night. He said he was very happy that I took the chance to interact outside the comment section, so I was squeeing most of the night until exhaustion settled in. After he logged, we did four more Timewalk’s because of a quest that gives good gear and Azerite power… but I got robbed of anything substantially good, comparatively speaking to my friends. I got a few good pieces of gear but everything else I got wasn’t any good to me except as either gold or Scrapping. True, running through the dungeons we did netted me a few achievements which is nice, but otherwise my friends made out like bandits.


Anyway, last week I ended up in the emergency room with a massive perpetual panic attack that had started the night prior and hadn’t really stopped. By the time I got there, leaving work early, my blood pressure was 187/76. My NORMAL blood pressure is no higher than about 123/78, though it tends to be a bit lower. I’m finally on some (much needed) as-needed anti-anxiety medicine, which thusfar has been very, VERY helpful. I also managed to find a clinic really close to where I live that offers a sliding scale fee, a primary care physician, gender identity related services AND mental health services! (They also offer dental… which was a major bonus for me… haven’t been able to get to a dentist in over a decade…) So I struck gold. And I wouldn’t have found it if not for a very dear friend of mine who lives in California and scoured the intrawebz trying to find an anxiety-riddled transwoman mental healthcare that was nearby and cost-effective. So, to you, my friend, I take my hat off to you…


(I mean I would, but… Carmen Sandiego stole it a long time ago.)


So I did warn you all that this would be a very short update, but I refuse to miss an update if I can help it. I also realized that my last update was… fairly intense and possibly worrying for some people. So I wanted to assure everyone who reads this (All 110 of you!) that I am doing better. I’m taking the steps needed to get on more solid ground. Aside from the mental health issues I’m experiencing, everything is working out for me in unexpectedly good ways. Moving to Florida was the best thing I could have done, and although I detest the reasons that led to me having to move, I’m glad I did. It’s working out better than I dared hope. Some things are still a bit precarious, but my job has been super understanding about my mental health and are working with me, and it seems there might be an apartment opening up in the complex where I’m staying with my friends who took me in when others couldn’t/wouldn’t that will be within my price range. I’m getting my shit together.

If only the rest of the country could do the same thing…


Thanks for listening, legendary children! This is Aria, signing off for the night.


Love and light, all. Cheers. Sweet dreams.


As promised, have some candy:



The art gets better, and the story is phenomenal. Give it a read!!!!!! (I don’t get paid to advertise for Dave, so don’t think that’s the only reason I’m doing do. I legit love his comic!)





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